Welcome to the home of Alton Towers memorabilia past and present. Embark on a journey though Alton Towers history all through my growing collection!



Our story

welcome! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved theme parks. the thrills, the smells, the colours and just the sheer magic. I remember he first time I visited Alton Towers was like stepping into a dream. It wasn't like any other theme park I'd ever been to! From the grand house itself standing in the middle to the exquisite gardens, everything about it was magical. i'm particularly partial to the amount of history that surrounds the park hence why I am fascinated by and own many items that date back to pre theme park years. i created this page mainly to try and document the things i own but im so happy to be able to now share it with you! You can often find me wandering the gardens or riding Nemesis.

if you enjoy Alton Towers as much as I do, be sure to stick around, you might just spot something you find magical!

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